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One of the fights that the Church has faced from its beginnings is the one of its disintegration. Satan has tried from the very origin of the humanity to destroy what God has done. This is the reason of the first human disobedience to God in the Eden. Later it tried to discourage and even killing, by its human agents, to all leader selected and called by God to His service. He caused the terrible persecution and death that many of His Judges, Prophets and kings had when he wanted to destroy the nation of Israel.
God has transformed all the bad looked for against His people into blessings, growth and maturity of themselves. From all that historical experience Jesus could say “… and the gates of Hades will not overcome it (the Church)”
The main characteristics of all calling by God, as it is seen in the Old and in the New Testament, it is OBEDIENCE.
Despite which Biblical history shows is that Satan has not moved backwards in his attempt to destroy the wonderful work of God which has been the human being, his selected People, Israel, and finally, the church. The devil has understood that persecuting to the leaders selected by God he get some triumphs, because some fall, but not the majority of them. Without moving backwards in its attempt to destroy God’s creation he also has noticed that the church is mainly made up of families and a family, Biblically speaking is formed by a husband, a wife, and own or adopted children, giving to the man the responsibility to give account of them (Ephesians 5,22-33) and to both the responsibility of the spiritual and material formation of the children. We have called that structure, marriage, home or house. Like as in Genesis the responsibility of all the creation was given to Adam, the responsibility of the home was given to the husband, which is shared along with his wife. Satan has tried from the very origin of the church, to destroy the family. But it obtains more victories when it destroys the husband, who begins leaving his family in second or last place in his interests, until both decide to break that structure created by God for the preparation, spiritual growth and knowledge of God (Deuteronomio 6,4-9) of the children and therefore of all human being. For that reason we see alarmed the high index of divorces, of spouses who leave their home by another woman, or women who leave their home by another man, adultery, fornication and deceit. These are “Homes” where children grow up without suitable direction and sense of responsibility and obedience to God because their parents did not know how to instill them these values. That explains the extreme violence which is listened to in many homes where brothers and sisters are killed among them by not being able to coexist together.
Yes, Satan has put himself in with force against the marriages, of the constituted homes, because these constitute the central nucleus of the church formed by God in Jesus Christ. Surely he thinks that if he destroys the home, destroys the human being and with that would destroys the church, and he is getting some victories, because meanwhile the generations pass we find that less people want to go to the church.
That makes that the church assumes like its main responsibility the fight by the real one, Biblical, and spiritual constitution of the marriage. To teach about the discipline to the children and the own discipline, to teach about what means a relationship between a man and a woman in the marriage, communication between them and other subjects which fortify the marriage and give back its reason of being. Our Church soon will be approaching these subjects in the preaching and will start a Biblical study about the marriage and we’ll hope that the couples attend if they really want to have a marriage according to the heart of God and to improve it, not because they are bad, but because is always possible to improve the couple relationship. Have you sometimes thought that it is possible to have a second honeymoon, even and when the resources are scarce? Have you thought that God do straightens any “twisted tree”? Have you thought that never is behind schedule for having one second opportunity at your marriage, if in fact you wish to keep it? Have you thought that is always possible to listen you wife/husband if you only learn to listen?
Other similar questions can be answered only if you attend these conferences and studies (this study will be of 6 weeks long, meeting once per week).
By this means we will present to you more information about dates and subjects. Be pending!!!



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